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How to make your mascara last on a night out

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

1. Choose lash extensions...

You don't need to worry about mascara for the rest of the night. Semi-permanent individual lashes or strip lashes will do the trick. If you are using strip lashes make sure you put one coat of mascara on your lashes before applying the strip. It will blend your natural lash into the strip and it will also act as a good base for keeping the strip in place.

NB:If you are wearing semi-permanent lash extensions DO NOT apply mascara.

2. Failing the false lash approach...

a)Comb your lash through with a spoolie before applying any product.

b)Now curl your lash to give it the maximum flow upwards ( or downwards for lower).

c)Take your favourite mascara and look down into a mirror whilst applying to your lashes. Use small turning motions on your brush and aim to get right to the root and stroke outwards to the tip.

d)Make sure there are no clumps and then leave to dry.

e)Once dried, repeat action C but this time use a waterproof mascara.

Do this on upper and lower lashes and hey presto, ready for your night out!

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