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Feel good...

“If you have the ability to love, love yourself FIRST”

I saw this phrase and thought to myself what a good piece of advice. I think it is really important to embrace your own natural beauty from the inside out. Be the best version of you that you can be!

Nonetheless, I also believe enhancing ones own beauty is ok too; its powerful to feel good in your own skin.

Did you know there is a notion of the perfect face shape? What shape is this I hear you ask?


Take a look at Jesica Alba, she rocks the oval face shape.

Her face is slightly longer than it is wide. Jessica’s cheekbones are the widest part of her face and if you take a look at her forehead and jaw, you will notice that they are rounded, her face lacks any sharp angles.

Another Oval’ect faced beaut is Kim K, do you see my play on words there? A great canvas for a MUA, and when I say great I mean in the sense of time!

Minimal contouring required here! Kim earns mega dosh promoting and selling her contour techniques and products because she has the canvas to do this!

Some people are lucky enough to have the accompanying oval eyes and a pout to die for; the bottom lip fuller than the top and a top lip that holds the perfect cupids bow.

In makeup artistry you are taught the technique of contouring, using light and shade to give the illusion of an oval face shape. The art of enhancement!

I am pretty happy with my mush apart from a couple of niggles.

My lips were pretty much non-existent and disappeared when I smiled and I frown without even meaning to which caused a line to gradually appear at the top of my nose over my 37 years of existence.

My husband asked me all the time (notice this is past tense- I will come back to this later on)....

“What’s up with you? What have I done?

Simple answer is nothing, it is just my resting bitch face hun! I don’t know why I furrow my brow, probably a combination of concentration, light intensity and of course being pissed off.

In terms of face shape, my face is a rounded/squished oval shape and I have no real grumbles with it. I am happy to use contouring to define this. I find doing makeup a form of expression. I like to think of myself as a face artist- hand me a blank canvas to do my best on!

So going back to the importance of feeling good in your own skin, those two little niggles got me thinking that I wanted to make a little positive enhancement to promote my inner feel good factor.

Like most people nowadays, you find yourself trawlling through social media, post after post there are people displaying what you think looks like the perfect lip shape or crinkle free face.

Don't get me wrong, I bet most of these people have probably been airbrushed or had a little enhancement, nonetheless they look fab.

I am quite a confident person so I do not allow mysef to get caught up on all of this BUT if I can enhance these features that I think need a tweak ..then why the hell wouldn‘t I???

I have had my eyebrows microbladed over the years to get make them a little fuller. The last brow queen I went to was by far the best. The colouring, the definition and the shape are truly a work of a pure genius! I highly recommend her, you can find Robyn on instagram @thebrowcow

About two years ago I had my first experience with filler. Going back to the non-existent lip, I wanted to plump it up. I hated every second of the experience. I have a huge phobia of needles.I sound mad now don‘t i?! Why on earth put yourself through this I can hear you say? I thought the same too.

Curiosity killed the cat and all... Well I went ahead and I had .5ml put into my lips. I loved them once I had gotten over the ordeal.

Fillers last roughly 6-18 months depending on the person and the filler used. About 6 months ago I started to get the feeling. I want them done again! I literally stalked every clinic I could on insta. Looking at their work, reading their reviews until one day I came across Defyne Aesthetics. They got my full undivided stalking attention.

Right...that’s it, I am booking in!! To which I did.

”I went, I explored and I conquered“

The experience was amazing and Dr Pinar was brilliant. My next blog is going to talk you through this experience!! Give them a follow on insta @defyne_aesthetics

I had a cheeky bit of Botox in the frown line that I talked about earlier too. Follow my blogs to read about this...xx

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