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Defyne yourself....

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I am going to share with you my experience of visiting Dr Pinar at Defyne Aesthetics.

Remember I said,

“It’s good to feel good”

Well, I wanted a little bit of that feel good factor. I have always had thin lips that disappeared when I smiled and it is something that I zoned in on all the time when looking at photo’s. To add to this niggle, in 2011 I gave birth to the most wonderful little treasure. A week after his arrival I went through a very traumatic health scare which left one side of my lip drooping a little. Whenever I mention my droopy lip to anyone they tell me they can hardly notice it. You know what its like though?! Once you notice something that you are not happy with, it becomes exaggerated in your own eyes.

I won‘t go into too much detail as there was lots of too’ing and fro’ing with specialists. One concluded I had suffered a mini stroke, the other inferring it was a complicated migraine. I was treated for a mini stroke nonetheless.

I did not have a straight forward labour and ended up having an emergency C-section after what felt like a life time of labour; more like 80 hours of up and down contractions and pushes. The docs believe a clot from surgery may have been the cause of the mini stroke, luckily I was put on blood thining injections straight after surgery so this more than likely stopped it from being more severe than it was.

Anyways, 9 years on and all is good on this front, however lip wise I still have the drooping lip... nothing a bit of lip augmentation can’t sort right?

SOOOOO I decided to go for a little plump and re-define on the lip.

Over 12 months ago, I had 0.5ml of filler in my lips. Horrific experience but loved the outcome. Fillers are not permanent so back in July I booked in to have them done again but this time I thought I would give Defyne a try (this was after stalking them on social media for some time).

Bonkers?? Very much dizzy rascal. For one, I hate needles and two the last time I had it done I found the experience...erm well lets just say... worse than having a baby!

I told my husband that I had booked in, he rolled his eyes at me and said,

“Whatever you wish”

We have been together for over 10 years so he knows once I have made my mind up, there is no going back!

It was the morning of my appointment, I woke up quite excited but as the morning progressed I started to feel those little butterflies in my tummy. The needle fear was creeping in and much to my hubbies delight, he could see panic setting in and took pleasure in muttering,

“you know what you are like, why on earth would you put yourself though this”

I gave him a nervous laugh and told him I was fine.

It was time to set off, the clinic is in Longridge so about 35 mins from our home. I cranked up the tunes in the car, nothing a bit of capital xtra can’t sort and I nervously made my way across town. The butterflies felt like they had turned into boxing kangaroos now; belly punches galore and clammy palms.

I arrived outside the clinic and parked on the main road, it was really easy parking. Longridge is a cute little village.

I got to the door of the building and buzzed reception to let me in. The door popped open and I made my way upstairs. Due to covid they had a very strict one in and one out policy. I had a mask on which didn’t help with my hot flushes and exaggerated heavy breathing. Who let darth vader in the building?!

I was greeted by such a friendly, smiling face; her name was Page. She asked me to take a seat in the waiting area where she took my temperature and offered up hand sanitiser. I was then asked to fill in all the necessary paperwork (digitalwork) and health forms. I did this on an iPad, very high tech! No paper waste here #savethetrees .

Instantly I felt at ease, the atmosphere was calm and Page was lovely.

After a couple of minutes another lady appeared and she welcomed me through to a room positioned just to the side of the waiting room. Again, really friendly and welcoming; this was Dr Pinar.

I was asked to swill my mouth with corsadyl, it has got antibacterial properties. Very thorough I thought.

I took a seat on the bed. The room was minimalistic, decorated to offer up a crisp and calming space. As soon as I sat down the verbal diarrhoea started, I was so nervous. Poor Dr Pinar, she got the whole story of how I was afraid of needles, how I was a wimp when it came to pain, how I had hated the experience last time. She was brilliant, she sat down on her chair and she listened, she recommended different approaches and she promised me that I would not feel too much discomfort.

She wacked on the numbing cream and we discussed in depth about what I wanted to achieve. She definitely was not scrimping with the cream. I sent my husband this picture, I will let you guess what he said it looked like (eye roll)!!

I didn’t want a trout pout, I just wanted a bit of plump and an unwonkey lip. Dr Pinar advised that she did not want to focus on injecting the inner fleshy bit of my lip but wanted to concentrate more on defining the borders and my philtrum ( the part under your nose that holds a good cupid bow structure).

I asked if she would film the needle going in so I could share it on my blog. Dr Pinar was more than accommodating and got Page to come and do this.

I cannot tell you how at ease I felt after the initial consultation. Dr Pinar was clearly experienced, knew what she was talking about and was extremely good at putting me at ease. That is an art, i‘ll tell you!

I was ready, off she went......

Wow, the first needle went in and I hardly felt a thing! Again, Dr Pinar asked if I was ok and was re-assuring me all the way. She made her way around the outside of my lips and to my surprise I was doing ok. A little uncomfortable, nothing major to report. My palpitations had eased and I felt myself relaxing (only a little- I still had needle fear, pain fear had subsided).

Look away now if you are squeamish!

I could feel a few scratches but nowhere near the discomfort I felt last time. Maybe last time seemed so bad because I had never experienced it before. The previous practitioner I went to was great, it had nothing to do with her technique.

Here it comes, Dr Pinar said

“I am going to now inject up into the philtrum on either side to add more shape, it is going to be a little more uncomfortable”

My hands went sweaty, I grabbed the side of the bed and screwed my eyes up (frown line alert). She went in with the needle, it hurt a little bit more but not as much as I had built up in my head! One side then the next, Dr Pinar was taking regular steps back to assess her handy work. She definitely pays attention to detail.

So all done- ordeal over! Wasn’t much of an ordeal to be fair! Due to the fact it wasn’t such an ordeal I then asked if I could have some botox in my frown line. Never had Botox before but thought what the hell?! Dr Pinar explained all there was to know about the procedure and asked if I wanted to go ahead. Talk about swings and roundabouts... hate needles, go through the ordeal and then ask for more.... must have been the adrenaline hey? There’s nowt so queer as folk!!!

In my previous blog, I also mentioned about my hang up for the resting bitch face frown line. Why not sort that whilst I was here? One of the things I asked about was if it would hurt and Dr Pinar told me not as much as the lips and it was done and dusted within minutes. Sold to the lady with the swollen lips ( they had started to swell slightly at this point).

My husband was going to be happy, no more second guessing if he was in the dog house. It took about 5 days to fully kick in. I am so happy with it, I still have movement in my forehead but that line has disappeared. Winner, winner chicken dinner!! Pleased is an understatement.

I went home and my lips had swelled and bruised slightly. It took about 10 days to fully settle. I love them. The droop has improved, I am going back tomorrow to have a little more on that side. When Dr Pinar was doing my lips she told me they had started to swell a little and to come back in a few weeks to make sure all was good and balanced.

Here are some pictures at different stages:

Just after the appointment on the day...

The day after (some bruising but not much)...

A week after...

Two weeks after and all glammed up ready to go out...

5 stars from me for the service, the professionalism, the expertise, the customer service and most of all, the making me feel at ease! Thank you. I highly recommend Defyne Aesthetics to you! Can’t wait to see the team there tomorrow x

Give them a follow and check out their treatments:


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